Unique Children Wear was born in 2010 and it was co-founded by
Tessilform spa – owner of the brand PATRIZIA PEPE – and Zeis Excelsa spa – company which includes in its portfolio of brands DOCKSTEPS, CULT, VIRTUS PALESTRE and SONORA. On the basis of this important combination, the company develops, produces and distributes lines for PATRIZIA PEPE, VIRTUS PALESTRE, MARCELO BURLON, STELLA JEAN, DOUUOD, BOLT e NOLITA by particularly taking care of the global positioning strategy.



Adapting the identity and style of a top brand to the specific needs of children is not just a matter of proportions. It is indeed necessary to connect, in a creative and concrete way, the stylistic values of each brand with the functional uses of kids’ fashion, by transferring the added value of the design to pieces and accessories thought to be lived more intensively. Its high specialization as a producer and distributor of total-look collections in the segment between the infant to the preadolescent, makes it a reliable partner, able to take care not only of the development of collections, but also of the distribution and of the related communication strategies, with a global support to positioning and growth of the brand in this specific segment of the market.



Creating a children’s line means fully embracing the philosophy of a brand, in order to tailor its identity to each kid. This also means being able to act accordingly and in a competent way in whichever development area of the collection, without organizational or cultural barriers. For this reason, the company has decided to specialize in everything that could be made as a synthesis of a collection, in everything that could range from sportswear to denim, from ceremony to fashion, from accessories to footwear, combining brand identity and brand objectives in the best way possible. Designer and brand manager, thus, work closely together with pattern-makers, technicians and sourcing experts in order to transform each creative idea in a oproduct ready to conquer the market in a timely manner and in an efficient way.