For the UCW team, taking its products in the world means integrating the management of the sales network with the most evolved software, in order to achieve an increasingly efficient management of stock of goods. In this way, the company is able to ensure to partner stores, as well as to any costumer, a constant supply, built around their needs, without any loss of time or dispersion of financial resources. The activities and performances of distribution are supported by continuous improvement of marketing tools, while a network of outlets offers a significant protection of the value of the brands on the market.



Unique Children Wear has an increasingly global distribution network, which allows it to export more than 60% of the items produced in more than 30 countries in the world. The message of the partner brands of Unique Children Wear is nowadays widespread throughout all latitudes with an important presence on key markets like the one in the United States, the Russian Federation, Japan, the Arab Emirates and China, without forgetting European markets, among them Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and obviously, Italy.